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Meet Banshee – He is a yearling who is out of Kahlua and Bronson. Banshee is an incredible dog and has a bright future. He is extremely driven and from a young age did not need to run with a neckline. He is very gentle, kind but very gifted! Banshee has a bright future!


Astron is a yearling. He is out of Kahlua and Bronson. Astro is an extremely dominant male who is full of drive and vigor. Astro does not back down to anybody! Astro will be an incredible leader once he matures!

Diiago is out of Chia and Brute. He is so strong and loves to run with his brothers Bentley and Danny. He is a promising young male that is super strong and has one of the fastest trots we have ever seen! Watch for this young superstar!

Bentley is the calmest of this litter! He is quiet compared to his two brothers but equally as talented. Bentley loves stomach rubs as well as hugs.

This is Danny, another super strong young male. He is full of life! Danny is ready to take any kind of condition on and is super tight with his two brothers Bentley and Dingo

Meet Caroline, she is a pup from Leo and Maggie. Caroline was an only child and is a little stand offish at times but is very much an individual. She is an incredible sled dog and has a fast trot. From her first time in harness I do not ever need to watch her. She does her job and does it well! She loves free time with her Mom, Maggie and often plays in the free run pen with her.

Dougall is one of the younger dogs on the main team. At a very young age he decided he was too good for his littermates and wanted to run with the big boys. Dougall has really matured over the last year and is just starting to run in lead. Last year he ran the Iditarod on Ed’s team and Ed was very impressed with his athletic ability and being calm in any situation.

Bronson is a sweet gentle boy. He is a big strong male who puts it all on the line. He loves to have free time with his brother Eastwood. Bronson runs anywhere in the team but is also running lead a bit.

Bugsy is a three year old male. Bugsy runs lead and anywhere in the team. Bugsy is super tight with Ranger, his brother. Bugsy loves to travel and can be a bit of a rascal at times.

Cleo is a three-year-old female who is an excellent leader. She doesn’t like to wait too long and if its too long she chews herself loose. She had a litter of beautiful pups this summer with Eastwood and she loves to spend time with her kids.

Eastwood: Super big strong boy! He is brother to Bronson and he has started running lead this summer. Eastwood loves to travel with his brother Bronson. He is father to our litter of pups this summer.

Ice is one of the sweetest dogs in our yard. Ice doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and just loves to play. She is from the litter Bisson with Wonder Woman and is one of four in our yard, Eastwood, Bronson, Ice and Maggie. All are turning out to be fabulous sled dogs! Ice has started running lead!

Meet Maggie! Maggie is a hard-working gentle shy girl who loves her sister Ice. Maggie is the mother of little Caroline an only puppy. Maggie loves it when she runs with Caroline and they love to adventure together. Maggie shows a lot of promise and could be running lead soon.

Meet Lambo (short for Lamborghini). He is definitely a smooth moving male that is out of Bruno and Racine. He has his mothers drive and his fathers build. Lambo does run lead and anywhere in the team. This year Lambo will be running in Ed’s team


Nares is a shy male who is an incredible sled dog. He is very quiet but paired with Finn or Hazel he gains confidence and is a great leader. Nares has been getting stronger every year and we are excited to see how he does this year.

Waylon is a strong three-year-old who is always raring to go. This big strong guy loves to run and loves any kind of challenge put in front of him. His bestie is Zack who is his brother. Together they are known as the red nacks! One of these boys is worth two dogs in your team! Waylon is running on the a string this year!

The other half of the rednecks Zack! Zack is a cheerleader that pulls super strong and has huge heart. He is full of mischief and is happiest when he is travelling with his brother. Together these rednecks are a great wheel dog pairing! We are looking forward to see Zack at the races this winter

Here is Oscar a three-year-old male who runs on Ed’s team. He is a very hard driving dog that is an excellent single leader. He pulls hard and because he is so focused, he is better running alone. This beautiful guy is looking forward to a long snowy winter with lots of snowy miles

Onxy is hard working three-year-old female that ran on the b team last year and successfully finished many mid distance races. Onyx is very strong and a large female. She loves her sister Hawk who is smaller and gentler. Onxy protects Hawk. Onxy has a beautiful coat and does really well in cold temperatures. Onxy is an excellent wheel dog

Meet one of the newest dogs in our kennel Moose. Moose is often referred to as “New Moose” as we have an old Moose. Moose came to us from Floyd Vent’s kennel in Huslia. Moose is a very hard driving dog and trots easily at 16 mph. Moose is an extreme wild man but also a sweet soul that loves Ed. Moose runs on Ed’s team.

Hazel is sweetheart, who is a fabulous swing dog and has also started running in lead. Hazel is hard driving and enjoys getting some extra exercise on her own with her brothers! Hazel is a veteran of both the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest. Look for Hazel again in the Iditarod in 2021

Meet beautiful sweet quiet Finn. Finn started running lead last year and never looked back. IN lead he is strong and calm. He runs well with another gentle leader. Finn loves to be hanging with the rest of his siblings and they play for hours together in the free run pen.

Indy is here in lead with her son M&M. Indy is one of the best leaders in the yard and one of the fastest. She is a sweet calm girl that loves being out on the trail. Indy has been on the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest. She is turning 5 this year.

Taurus is Leo’s brother and also comes to our kennel from Kotzebue. He is a beautiful strong male that started in lead last year. He runs the best with his brother Leo or another gently guy like Finn. Taurus is super strong and is worth having two in the team!

Gone now


Skinny Mini is a nutty as her name. She is full of sass and energy. Skinny mini loves life to the FULL!!!!!

Meet Odin. Odin is a yearling that is a beautiful young boy. He is a strong, smart and ready to hit the trail. Odin has tons of promise and will be running with the yearling team this year

Hawk is an intense three year old female who runs a lot in Ed’s team. Hawk became one of Ed’s main leaders last year. Hawk is shy with people but very driven on the trail. Hawk’s protector and best friend is her sister Onyx

Zepplin is a big boy that is coming into his own this year. He ha started in lead and is becoming more confident each time. As well as anywhere in the team Zepplin is a strong wheel dog. Zepplin is a rock star and look out for him at the races this year!

Mac is one of the older boys on the racing team this year at 7. He is a strong leader and has many miles of experience. Mac a strong gentle guy and is a great companion as well as a great racer. Mac is always ready to roll out on the trail!

Mustang is a super hard driving lady! At 5 years old she has already been racing for a couple years and finishes every race she starts. The longer the race gets the stronger she becomes. She loves to play tricks on the other dogs and also loves to flirt with the young guys!


Apollo is beautiful 10 year old that is an excellent leader. Apollo is a great teacher to other learning lead. He is very serious about his job! Apollo has run many Iditarods and Yukon Quests. Apollo also loves to collect stuff and keep at his circle and his house!

Darth is Apollos brother and another excellent leader. Darth is very shy but very serious about his job! He has run the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod. Darth enjoys running with his brother and also loves the jogging group

Meet Mai Tai! Mai Tai is a beautiful girl. I often call Mai Tai earth mother because she is always worried about everyone’s well bring. On a trail run she often comes back to check on me. Mai Tai is an excellent pack dog and last year was my support on the Chilkoot Trail. She carried all my emergency supplies and warm clothes.

This is Zambucca. He is also known as Bucca or BooBoo! Bucca has to be one of the happiest dogs I have ever met. He is so excited about every activity we do. A run in harness, going for a hike or a drive in the truck. He is a big boy but has run many Yukon Quests and Iditarods. Bucca is a great trainer for the pups.

This is “old Moose”. He is called Old Mooose because we got a dog that was called Moose so we now have a young and old Moose! Moose is a bit stand offish but he loves to eat and is very vocal at meal time. Moose loves to hang out with his young friends and cruise the neighborhood

Chia! Meet super all star Chia! Chia has finished many 1000 mile races and always well. She is a strong driver that is excellent anywhere in the team including lead and wheel. She is very excited about being on the trail and you can usually hear her cheering as we arrive at a checkpoint!


Splash is brother to Kale and Chia is his sister. Splash is very enthusiastic still at 7 years old and cannot be put in until last as he loves to chew his harness because he cannot handle the hook up excitement. Splash also cheers loudly down the trail along with his siter Chia!

Kale is one of Michelle’s main men! Kale is an incredible leader but can also be a rascal in training. He is always smiling and ready to give anyone a hug. He enjoys also going for loose runs with the jogging group. Kale has a large fan club that love to see him at the races.

Meet Brute! Brute is a hard-pulling hard loving dog! Brute is a tremendous force in the team and is an excellent wheel dog. Brute hates being left behind and you can hear him letting everyone know for hours. Brute loves being with his family, Nares, Hazel and Finn.

Dragon is another all-star leader at TLK. Dragon sticks like velcro to any trail and has such a thick beautiful coat can handle low temperatures and wind. Dragon is a finishing leader and a favourite of many in our team. Dragon has started to enjoy some time inside when the house cats aren’t bothering her!

Here is a picture of Chisto with another one of his admirers Amanda. Chisto became an incredible leader on the Iditarod in 2018 with Ed. He is a big boy and hauled the team through a lot of water when they were hesitating. Chisto is very noble and beautiful and loved by all.

Gaia is one of our strongest leaders in the yard. This summer Gaia decided to move into the house and sleep on the couch. Luckily she still loves running in lead and although we might have to bring her couch along look for her in this years Iditarod.


Skandic is very much like his name. Skandic can plow down the trail just like a tractor. He is a big guy and super strong and excels in deeps snow and hard pulling conditions. He is a bit of a wild man and a sibling to Striker and Indy.


Striker is from a litter I shared with my neighbor Mc. He moved over to our yard last year because Mc felt that he needed more of a challenge. Striker is an incredible leader and on blown in trails or on the lake he is incredible. We are so thankful to our neighbor Mc for allowing this athlete to join our team!

Passed away

Meet Dolly dog. Dolly is a dignified old gal that loves her family dearly. She is known as the yard troll as she does not like newcomers at all! She loves her kids and sleeps in their houses. They love her equally! She has run many miles of trail!


Meet Athena, she came to us from John Baker and Katherine Keith. She is a hard driving confident young female. She is a hard driver and is an excellent swing dog. I feel she will move to be a leader this season.

Dugall is a super happy hard pulling male. Dugall decided as a youngster he didn’t like the rest of his family and jumped right up to the A group. He has run with A group ever since and is learning to run lead. Dugall takes everything in stride and is not bothered by much!

Flyod is a 4-year-old male that is a strong team player. He ran both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod last year. Floyd is always ready to go and faces any challenge head on. Floyd loves to run with his brother Zepplin and cheers loudly when stopped for a break.

Leo is a strong 4 year old male from John Baker and Katherine Keith’s kennel. He often runs with his brother Taurus. He is a happy guy who is coming into his own this year. He has just started running lead and loves running beside his brother.

M&M is one of our fuzzies. He is one of the cutest dogs in our kennel but he is one of the shyest. He loves his brother Twix and if his training run isn’t long enough he just might head out with Twix for another lap! Twix is very sensitive and doesn’t like crowds but shines when he is at home and one on one.