What’s the Strategy, Ed?

So let’s see… Hugh Neff and Allen Moore are now in Dawson and enjoying their 36-hour mandatory rest. Ed and his team are resting at Scroggie Creek and have officially risen to 11th place.

Normally in this situation I ask Ed what he thinks the strategy of the racers will be and what moves teams just out of the top 10 might make. I can tell you that it’s a long haul from Scroggie to Dawson and this will be his and the dogs’ opportunity to rest up a bit first. It’s also a good time to drop any dogs he’s concerned about, but not knowing the condition of the team, I can’t speculate.

Coming into Pelly Crossing he had the fastest time, 2nd only to Allen Moore. (Thank you Melinda Shore for your insightful spreadsheets: http://tinyurl.com/addf3sp) That’s interesting, especially considering he dropped a dog at Pelly Crossing. Into Stepping Stone his time dramatically slowed by comparison, but was still his second fastest time. His speed rank into Scroggie isn’t available yet but I’m starting to wonder if Speed Demon Ed (as I call him) has definitely made an appearance.

Typically he likes to start slower to avoid burning out the team and then increasingly pour on the coal so we’ll see what he does going into Dawson. The condition of the team when he arrives will be most telling. I’m hoping to get an update from Michelle while they’re there.

One advantage that Ed has over some of his companions is his ability to fully rest. It’s not easy to stop racing and instantly switch off the mind and body to get the rest that’s required, but Ed can do that. He’s even been known to sleep in snowbanks– without a sleeping bag! –jennifer

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