We’re still here!

Sorry I haven’t posted in quite awhile. Things are rocking here at Tagish Lake Kennel. Food drops have been done for the Yukon Quest 1000 as well as the YQ 300. I am working on my Iditarod food drops and the dogs are getting ready for their next adventure.

All the dogs are looking great and here is the line up for Ed’s team. He’ll have Moose, Gonzo, Dolly, Tess, Cosmo, Jazz, Malkin, Molly, Phantom, Renegade, Nanook. China Girl, Titan and Zappa.

The shinning star of the Copper Basin was Jazz or aka “Monster Boy”. Jazz is out of my late leader Taz. Taz died when Jazz was 4 days old so he was raised by a bottle. Out of the litter of 5 he was the only one to survive. Jazz lived through a deadly virus twice, broke his leg, and was run over by an ATV and a wood trailer. We always figured Jazz would be a house dog but after chewing up MC’s special hat he has been relegated to the dog yard. Jazz was born to be a sled dog.

We wish all the competitors in the Yukon Quest the best of luck! Happy Trails!

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