Starting Order for the Yukon Quest 300

From the Yukon Quest’s website ( here’s the starting order for the YQ300:

1. Tamra Reynolds
2. Colin Morrison
3. Yuka Honda
4. Marcelle Fressineau
5. Jerry Joinson
6. Aliy Zirkle
7. John King
8. Michelle Phillips
9. Olaf Thurau
10. Gaetan Pierrard
11. Debbie Knight
12. Jonathan Lucas
13. Jennifer Levy
14. David Mason
15. Paige Drobny
16. Ryne Olson
17. Kyia Bouchard
18. Lucy Tyrrell

A total of 18 mushers will compete in this year’s YQ300, which starts at 3pm on February 2nd in Whitehorse, Yukon.

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