Old Woman’s Cabin

Sometime after dark tonight, Michelle will reach one of her very favorite places on the Iditarod trail: Old Woman’s Cabin. It’s recognized as a powerful, spiritual place that draws many mushers in and makes them reluctant to leave, even during the heat of the race.

The story goes that an old woman lived off the land there until an avalanche took her. Ever since, her spirit roams the abandoned homestead and surrounding area. Several witnesses, including at least one child, have reported seeing apparitions of the woman.

It’s said that if you pass the cabin without leaving an offering of some sort, bad luck will follow you. Michelle always leaves behind a special gift for the old woman that she prepares from home well in advance of the race.

Dee Dee Jonrowe spent some time earlier today at Old Woman’s Cabin. It’s a must stop for her as well. Dee Dee has had her own encounters with spirits on the journey to Nome, and I have to wonder how her visit today went. Here she is talking more about these otherworldly experiences she’s had while on the trail: http://www.alaskadispatch.com/article/ghosts-alaskas-iditarod-trail

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