Ed is Gaining on Them

As a long distance race continues, it’s not unusual to see teams slow down; they get tired, no surprise. Ed is bucking that trend.

His speed rank (a calculation made by people much smarter than me who use a formula involving distance and speed) has dramatically increased from checkpoint to checkpoint.

When he reached Pelly, Ed’s speed was the 11th fastest compared to other teams. Brent’s was the fastest of all. By Dawson, Ed’s speed rank increased to 5. (Allen more had the fastest time, Brent had the second fastest.) When Ed arrived in Eagle, his speed rank increased to 1.

Simply put, he got there from Dawson faster than the previous four teams. In practical terms, he’s gaining on everyone in front of him. By a lot. And when his team arrived in Eagle, YQ folks reported that they looked strong.

Will Ed catch up to those in front of him and maybe even pass one or more teams? I don’t know, but it’ll be exciting to watch. –Jennifer [A huge thanks goes out to the Mushing Tech for supplying race data including run times: https://www.facebook.com/MushingTech]

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