Monday Morning Update

Monday morning update: Michelle is 13 miles out of Kaltag where the current temperature is -36F/-38C. Michelle and her team are averaging an impressive 8.5 mph but have dropped a few spots to 17th.

There are several teams on the trail who are leapfrogging one another, Michelle and rookie Jason Campeau among them. As the race wears on, teams with fuel in the tank will steadily move upward in the standings, while those running on fumes will fall behind or drop out.

Michelle has proven herself to be the veteran she is by patiently banking rest even when that means letting other teams pass her. She’s running her own race and it’s showing.

Michelle is Running Iditarod to Help Find a Cure for Juvenile Diabetes

Michelle is running the 2015 Iditarod for a cause: to help raise awareness about Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes and to find a cure. Michelle and Ed’s son Keegan was recently diagnosed with this disease after nearly losing his life. Please help Michelle and Ed help others with Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes by contributing to JDRF Canada. Show your support by donating any amount:

Michelle is on the Way to Ruby

Michelle is pulling into a popular camping spot between Tanana and Ruby, which at other times of the year is a Bible camp. It’s 119 miles between checkpoints in this stretch so it’ll be interesting to see how teams break up the runs and for how long they camp. Some teams favor resting in checkpoints, so this year’s Iditarod, with a few uncharacteristically long runs will be more challenging for some than others. Michelle and her team are very comfortable with camping and it’s part of their training. Michelle prefers quiet areas to rest the dogs and herself and often camps out on the trail.

The official standings has her in 13th place but keep in mind that it’s early in the race. Time differentials have yet to be applied, and historically, some of the teams which run in the front at the beginning of the race lose steam and fall way back before the finish line. It’s still anyone’s race. If you haven’t seen the Ceremonial Start and Race photos of Michelle and team, be sure to check them out on our photos page.