Where in the World is Ed?

By the time Ed left the Eagle checkpoint this morning, he’d jumped ahead of Dan Kaduce and Dave Dalton in the standings, placing him in 10th place. But unfortunately, it looks like either his tracker wasn’t turned back on or it’s malfunctioning, so at this point we really don’t know if he’s maintained his lead over Dan and Dave or fallen back. We may not know until he reaches Slavens checkpoint at which point the tracker will be reset. So until we know for sure, it’s Old School– we wait to find out.

Ed’s Team Looks Awesome!

Just got off the phone with Michelle who’s about to catch up on some well deserved sleep after helping Ed and his team settle in and eat a delicious meal. Here’s what she said, “ED’s team looked AWESOME!!!!!!! He is doing a GREAT job. He is super happy and his dogs look WONDERFUL!” Some friends made a video of Ed and his team which they’re going to try to upload to the Tagish Lake Kennel Facebook page here tonight. If that doesn’t work, we’ll use an alternate method to get that footage to you first thing tomorrow.

Video of Michelle Speaking at TEDx

Did you know that Michelle was recently invited to speak at a locally organized TEDx event? It’s a huge honor. The theme chosen for the speakers was “journey” and it’s no wonder they chose Michelle.

Here she is speaking about her life’s journey and how that journey has been enriched by her four-legged best friends, including her lead dog Wiley who she brought along for the talk. Also with her was her son Keegan.

When Michelle shares her experience about running the Yukon Quest 300 for the first time several years ago, in light of her stunning win yesterday, it’ll bring a smile to your face. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFJ3PAYKFaI&feature=youtu.be

Next Up: Dawson and 40 Hours of Rest

I’m estimating that Ed and his team will arrive in Dawson in 3-4 hours. Meanwhile, thanks to friends and local community members (and maybe also a case of beer), a campsite has been carved out of the snow to make room for the team. A cozy and well supplied tent beside the dogs will serve as base camp. As Ed rests up for the second half of the Quest and enjoys catching up with loved ones and friends, delicious meals and maybe a beer or two, the dogs will be lavished with massages, hot meals loaded with protein and fat, warm beds and lots of water. Oh, and plenty of lovin’, you can be sure of that.

Post YQ300 Reactions from Michelle

I just spoke by phone with Michelle where she’s in Dawson preparing for Ed’s arrival. She said the YQ300 was a wonderful race. “It was thrilling to finish with the team so strong. And it was an honor to race with Aliy. I really respect her– for her dog care, as a racer… She’s a real competitor. I also enjoyed being out on the Quest trail again and seeing the other mushers.”

Michelle had to drop Little Red during the race due to a sore wrist. Red and the other dogs are now resting comfortably at home in Tagish. (The dogs on her team who completed the race will likely make Michelle’s Iditarod team.)

For more about the dogs on both Michelle’s and Ed’s team, be sure to visit https://tagishlakekennel.com/our-dog-team/. I’ll have more updates for you from Dawson, including photos of Ed and Michelle and Ed’s Yukon Quest team. Stay tuned! –jennifer/Ground Effect Media