Yukon Quest: Some memories before Iditarod

Between the Yukon quest and the Iditarod, it’s good to remember some good memories from Ed and Michelle exploits! So this is some picture taken during the Yukon Quest 1 000 miles for Ed and 300 miles for Michelle.

Before the race, we enjoyed a nice evening for the drawing banquet in Whitehorse!


Ed on the stage for taking his bib


Everybody getting ready for the start of Ed’s team!

P1070096  P1070099  P1070101  P1070104P1070106


On the start line… Tess and Molly leading

P1070108 P1070109 P1070113


And then getting ready for Michelle start! Gunner and Wiley leading.

P1070114  P1070115  P1070116  P1070117  P1070119



First checkpoint: Breaburn!



And then Pelly, the last checkpoint for the 300 miles race



Some rest for Michelle’s team before the final battle with Aliy Zirkle

P1070130      P1070132       P1070133     P1070134                                                     P1070135

Michelle finished first for 8 secondes in front of Aliy Zirkle team!


Some rest for Ed’s team but there is still a long way to go!

P1070139    P1070140    P1070141         P1070142    P1070143

Ed crossing the Dawson line and waiting for some rest!


P1070148                  P1070160                             P1070167       P1070168

Nanook and Titan in Mile 101

Julien Schroder picture

Julien Schroder picture


Ed Takes 3rd Place & Vet’s Choice Award in RR120

Ed took 3rd place in the River Runner 120 Mile Sled Dog Race and brought home the Vet’s Choice award. Congratulations, Ed. Michelle and Ed are now on their way to Alaska. Throughout the week Michelle will be involved in pre-Iditarod race activities including medical checks for herself and all the dogs. More updates to come as we countdown to the 2013 Iditarod which begins with the Ceremonial Start in Anchorage on Saturday, March 2.

River Runner 120 Mile Sled Dog Race

Ed, Michelle, and their handler Marie will all be competing in today’s River Runner 120 Mile Sled Dog Race. Of the 15 teams competing, Michelle will go out of the starting chute first. Ed will be 4th, Marie will be 5th. Here’s what Michelle had to say, “Since the Yukon Quest we have been running both teams to make the final cut of 16 for the Iditarod. This weekend we will be competing in the River Runner with 3 teams and after this race I will pick my final 17 (1 extra just in case). I will just take it easy in this race and stand on my brake but feel it will be a good opportunity to get the team dialed in by taking them in a race.”

Dog Drop Update

I asked Michelle about the two dogs that Ed dropped. He dropped Zappa in Pelly just because it was hot and he’s 10 years old. Ed dropped China Girl in Eagle because of a wrist and a shoulder. She’s doing well now and is in good shape.

At this point, Ed’s main goals for this race are to enjoy the Quest trail and for the dogs to have just as much fun as he’s having. From what Michelle says, they’re doing exactly that.

Ed’s Team Looking Happy & Healthy

Michelle reports that when she saw Ed at the Circle City checkpoint, he was in great spirits and taking great care of his team. She said he must be feeding them lots as they looked healthy and happy. Michelle is now in Central, waiting for Ed to arrive.