Starting Order for the Yukon Quest 300

From the Yukon Quest’s website ( here’s the starting order for the YQ300:

1. Tamra Reynolds
2. Colin Morrison
3. Yuka Honda
4. Marcelle Fressineau
5. Jerry Joinson
6. Aliy Zirkle
7. John King
8. Michelle Phillips
9. Olaf Thurau
10. Gaetan Pierrard
11. Debbie Knight
12. Jonathan Lucas
13. Jennifer Levy
14. David Mason
15. Paige Drobny
16. Ryne Olson
17. Kyia Bouchard
18. Lucy Tyrrell

A total of 18 mushers will compete in this year’s YQ300, which starts at 3pm on February 2nd in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Starting Order for the Yukon Quest 1,000

From the Yukon Quest’s website (, here’s the scoop on the starting order for the YQ 1,000 with each team’s bib sponsor:

1. Brian Wilmshurst – Arctic Tulip Bookkeeping
2. Markus Ingebretsen – Braeburn Lodge
3. Rob Cooke – Jerry Van Dyke’s Tours
4. Hugh Neff – Canadas Best Value Inn
5. Cody Strathe – Canada Flooring Enterprises
6. Lance Mackey – Duffy’s Pets & Tanzilla Harness
7. Normand Casavant – Nature Tours of Yukon
8. Kelley Griffin – Summit Customs Brokers
9. Randy MacKenzie – Candy’s Fruit Stand
10. Susan Rogan – Bear’s Paw Quilts
11. Allen Moore – Eldorado Hotel
12. Christina Traverse – Northern Tales Travel Services
13. Denis Tremblay – Icy Waters Ltd.
14. Matthew Failor – Yukon Pump
15. Dan Kaduce – Irving Collision Repairs
16. Misha Pedersen –Klondike Rib & Salmon
17. Abbie West – Liberty Tax Services
18. Brent Sass – Builders Supplyland
19. Dyan Bergen – All-West Glass Whitehorse Ltd.
20. Jake Berkowitz – Super Save Propane & Fencing
21. Dave Dalton – Yukon Denture Clinic
22. Ed Abrahamson – Canadian Tire
23. Scott Smith – EBA Engineering
24. Darrin Lee – AFA Forest Products
25. Ed Hopkins – Airport Chalet Hotel
26. Crispin Studer – Fabulous Facebook Fans

The 2013 Yukon Quest starts at 11 am on Saturday, February 2nd in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Live Radio Streaming of Yukon Quest Race Start

Here’s how you can follow Ed during the Yukon Quest 1,000 which begins at 11 am Pacific in Whitehorse. Hopefully they’ll also provide updates on the YQ 300 which begins at 3 pm so we’ll be able to follow Michelle too.
From the Yukon Quest’s website (
We’ve been asked by our awesome fans if there will be live streaming of the start line on Saturday. We won’t have webcams, but CKRW 96.1FM The Rush will be covering live. You can listen online at! Tell your friends!

Cheer for Ed & Michelle During the Yukon Quest & YQ300

Exciting times for Tagish Lake Kennel! The countdown to the Yukon Quest and YQ300 is down to two days!! On Saturday, Ed will be at the start line in Whitehorse for the Yukon Quest and Michelle will be there for the YQ300. Follow the race at and root Ed and Michelle on!

We’re still here!

Sorry I haven’t posted in quite awhile. Things are rocking here at Tagish Lake Kennel. Food drops have been done for the Yukon Quest 1000 as well as the YQ 300. I am working on my Iditarod food drops and the dogs are getting ready for their next adventure.

All the dogs are looking great and here is the line up for Ed’s team. He’ll have Moose, Gonzo, Dolly, Tess, Cosmo, Jazz, Malkin, Molly, Phantom, Renegade, Nanook. China Girl, Titan and Zappa.

The shinning star of the Copper Basin was Jazz or aka “Monster Boy”. Jazz is out of my late leader Taz. Taz died when Jazz was 4 days old so he was raised by a bottle. Out of the litter of 5 he was the only one to survive. Jazz lived through a deadly virus twice, broke his leg, and was run over by an ATV and a wood trailer. We always figured Jazz would be a house dog but after chewing up MC’s special hat he has been relegated to the dog yard. Jazz was born to be a sled dog.

We wish all the competitors in the Yukon Quest the best of luck! Happy Trails!