One of Tess’s pups, Boo had some bad luck this week. Boo LOVES to eat and will follow anyone anywhere blindly for food. Boo didn’t realise he’d entered China girls circle. China girl is also crazy about food and bit Boo for coming into his circle. Boo yelped and headed back to his Mom. We took Boo to the vet and found he had a compound fracture in his jaw.$1000 later Boo has had his jaw wired but still loves his meals and he is healing well. Poor Boo………….Boo Hoo?

Cold Weather Camping

South Canol Camping

All is going great here at Tagish Lake Kennel. We’ve had good snowfall and we’re able to run a good size team out of our yard. Marie and i just returned from our first -40 of the year. I didn’t have a thermometer with me so I was constantly guessing the temperature. I realised once we returned to the truck and I saw that it was -30 that we’d seen some -40 and colder temperatures. The dogs did well though dressed in their coats and eating high calorie meals. Ed is heading out for a camping trip today with his team.

Moving along…………….


Hi to everyone from Tagish Lake Kennel. This is our new blog that we will update regularly. This is something we’ve been asked about and thought about for quite awhile. We will share our life with dogs and all the adventure that goes along with it. Our family shares our life with 55 sled dogs, 2 golden retreivers, 2 cats and some fish and they share their unconditional love with us each day. These Alaskan huskies are amazing athletes and we are blessed to have them in our lives. We will feature some of the superstars in our lives. Thanks for following along……….

Ready to rock & roll